2018 State of the Game

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2018 State of the Game
« on: January 31, 2018, 12:57:42 PM »
Greetings Myrmidons,

If you missed the State of the Game you can replay it at: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/224047638?t=

Also you can review a more in depth summary of it at: https://blog.nwo-uncensored.com/state-game-stream-summary/

Here are a few highlights (I’ll skip over all the stuff that was introduced last year and there were several things I had forgotten about).

1)   They are changing the module format back from the two mods with a half module with minor tweaks) to three mods a year (the format the game used for the first three years)  This in theory will be a good thing because there should be less break between content.

2)   Delays in foundry fixed was explained.  Basically the trouble is in troubleshooting foundry they have to republish the %!@) foundries in the library and that takes about a week.  Then if they find a problem, implement a patch, then they have to republish again.  With a week between a fix and testing the fix it takes way too long to resolve issues.

3)   If you aren’t familiar with Rocktober, they spend October focusing on fixing broken skills and content (fixes that are coming in mod 13).  They are hoping to do similar fix focused events in the future.

4)   There will be some focus on refreshing the weekend events.  Not overly specific but this content should see some new life this year.

5)   There will be a big event for the 5 year anniversary of the game.

6)   They are going to work on changing random queues.  Only two things were specifically called out.

a.   New algorithm for level scaling (i.e. don’t expect lvl 70 to be so overpowered in leveled content)
b.   Possibly separating FBI/MSP into a different queue, a legendary random queue

7)   Improving awards for the mauarders event

8)   Will continue to tweak class balancing each mod, particular focus is on TR and SW, but not a full rework

9)   Dying weapons and disabling enchants remain on the short list of QOL changes they are considering

All good reasons to look forward to 2018

Your Friendly Neighborhood Putz